Why Fjordstar ?

1.All models of Fjordstar boats is completely unsinkable. You can saw our boat in 10 peaces and every of them will float. Strong and durable hull is handmade, filled with closed cell foam.

2.Strong and durable hull is handmade, filled with closed cell foam.

3.All models have integrated stainless steel protection line on keel.

4.Tubes glued by hand and tested for 1 week before attach to boat hull. We have unique technology for tube connection to hull. Our connection is two times stronger then usual methods.

5.We use only high class Valmex PVC Valmex TPU and ORCA hypalon. All furniture is strong and long life from company Scoprega Srl. - Italy.

6. We designed new unique and hydrodinamic  form of tube cone to increase speed of boat. Our cones don't have perpendicular lines and will work for many years.

7.Many companies choose to make cheap short-time boats, but we think European way and our choice is to made strong and durable boat for long and successful use.

8.Models 325,380,400,450,510,580,750 have integrated trim tabs. Now, You can go on plane for 23% faster.

9.Our newest models 400, 450 have high tubes and lot of internal space. New hull shape increase max speed for 8%.

 10.We built world smallest RIB Cabin boat  5,75m with many transform possibilities. If you work on water in rain or snow – our Cabin versions is the best choice for You.

 11.You can choose 3 colors for hull, 8 colors for tube and 5 colors of cushions.

 12.You can choose from wide range of optional equipment and we install it at reasonable price.

 13.Of course - You can choose engines from Mercury, Tohatsu , Selva, Suzuki at very interesting prices and we will install this engine.

 14.  We  deliver boats all around Europe at low cost .


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