Questions & Answers

Q: What type of Rib Boat can you make?

A: Fjorstar have a wide range of Rib Boats to suit professional, commercial or leisure requirements. The options are a 3,25m – 7,50m. Models 5,10m and 5,80m is possible to order with CABIN.

Q: Can I choose my own seating layout?

A: Jockey 2 persons and 4 persons , side consoles , center consoles , rear seat. A wide range of console and seating layouts which lets you choose the boat that’s closest to your dreams. Jockey 2 persons and 4 persons , side consoles , center consoles , rear seat.

Q: Can I have in board fuel tanks?

A: Our Rib Boats can be supplied with any of the following options: 12 or 25 liter portable fuel tanks for the smaller boat . These tanks can be removed for re-fueling. We can also supply and fit fixed inboard 45 liter tank for 4,50m or 60 liter for bigger boat - in console. Also we can install other tanks in your craft.

Q: What type of trailer do I need? 

A: We offer packages with TIKI trailer without brake.

Q:What kind of material you use for RIB tubes?

A:We use PVC from VALMEX(DE) and hypalon from ORCA(BE).

Q:What technology of lamination you use?

A:We use only hand lamination layer by layer. In result we have very strong hulls.

Q: Are your boats unsinkable?

A: Yes , all of our boat hulls is filled with closed cell foam and will float after total crash.

Q: How long will it take for my Rib Boat to be built?

A: It usually takes between 3 to 5 weeks to complete a build , however, it is dependent on our production schedule and the and specification of your RIB.

Q: How do I order?

A: When you have decided what size Fjordstar boat you require, all you need to do is call to discuss your requirements to ensure we provide a quotation for a Rib that fulfill your exact needs. You can visit our shop to view Rib Boats in stock . Fjordstar will require a deposit before we start the build. The balance need to be cleared before you take delivery of your new Fjordstar.

Q:What kind of engines you offer?

A:We can offer any brand of outboards at reasonable price , but usually we have in stock TOHATSU, SELVA and SUZUKI outboards.

Q:Do you deliver boats around Europe?

A:Yes we deliver boats to all European countries. Price will be calculated on request.


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