FjordStar - Premium class RIB boats.

FjordStar – extremely durable semi-rigid boats (RIB boat) company. We are located in Latvia & specialized producing durable RIB boats.

I will not develop your attention for a long time, so I will mention a few key points that may be relevant to you.

More than 10 years our main task is extremely durable RIB boat building. We are little bit conservative about inventing cheap boat build technologies and still prefer old school working style – hand laminated hull – thinner, stronger and lighter than most big manufacturer’s hulls. NORPOL fiberglass and resins in hull applied layer by layer, following traditional boat building way, which allows us to constantly monitor the manufacturing process. In every RIB hull are integrated stainless steel hull protection. We still prefer not using welding machines for making balloon – we have excellent professional team, who still know everything about balloons hand gluing. We still fill internally our boat hull with polyurethane flexible foam to make our boats completely unsinkable. And only on FjordStar - perfect hydrodynamic form of rear cone. We still prefer using good quality materials from Europe and Scandinavia. They are only a few characteristic why FjordStar RIB boats love our region police and fire rescue service.

To make durable boats we using professionals team, more than 10 years experience of producing the boats for labeling, mostly for Russian and our neighbourhood countries market, and more than 15 years experience of servicing & repairing the boats.  In 2010 our company decided to provide to customers the premium class inflatable and RIB boats under our own brand. We created the perfect FjordStar RIB boats series, which pool quality, safety and design. There are Sport edition for speed lovers & Deluxe edition for customers, who prefers the comfort, Base & Classic versions for cost saving without losing quality, but all RIBs are filled with closed chell foam (BASF) to make the FjordStar RIB silent and unsinkable, almost all source materials are made in EU (for example - VALMEX PVC and PU starting from 1050 g/m2 in small RIB’s, but mostly 1450 g/m2 made by Mehgies technologies (Germany), NORPOL resins made by Reichhold (Norway), SPRADLING Vinyl fabrics for interior (USA), Italian furniture, e.t.c.).

Our experience let us make the statement, that every one FjordStar RIB owner will satisfy his needs & will be ready to recommend FjordStar RIB to everyone he knows.